Dance With The Wind


Listen, wind makes a photo look better.  It just does.


Sure, until I can change the weather, I won’t have a windless comparison photo to offer.  But, in my mind, there would be no comparison worth making.  The wind wins out.  Every time.

How do I know?

Because it’s nature.  And I don’t know about you, but I’m going to opt out of a fight with nature.

You see, there was a time when the wind caused me more pain than you could imagine.  Picture your leg being stabbed by burning knives on fire (the redundancy intended).  Now imagine those knives coming at you at, say, 20 miles per hour.  It really isn’t all that pleasant.  And actually, it led me to fear the wind.

Yes.  You heard that right: I was afraid of the wind. 

When it came my direction, I would cringe with terror.  When it touched my flesh, I would freeze with worry: Is it going to hurt this time?  I don’t want it to hurt.  Please don’t hurt.

Even in remission, I was conditioned to worry.  I was conditioned to avoid the elements in anticipation of the slightest breeze, and to stay behind barriers, out of the direct line of impact.

And then, it hit me – the wind, not some great insight or anything.  And it was beautiful!  Refreshing in its cool touch, pleasant in its muted howl.  The wind was painlessly beautiful.

So I’m not saying you should go around chasing the wind – it’s a part of nature, out of your control.  But I am saying, if the wind graces you with her presence, especially in a photo, embrace it as nature’s gift!  Join it in nature’s dance!  Because the wind knows three things that, in fear, in life, and even in photographs, we often forget:

  1. Dance and swirl and throw leaves in your journey,

because the wind doesn’t know where it’s headed.  It’s just headed.  Through cities and forests, oceans and people, it’s headed.  What the wind does have is this moment of contact with you and the leaf and the obstacle before it, and it will do whatever it can to take from that interaction and move forward, no interaction ever too small to enjoy.

  1. Make a mess of perfection, and leave it be,

just like the wind tosses your thin strands of hair from left to right.  Just like the wind unsorts your pile of organized papers from the picnic table.  Remember, the wind is nature, and nature is saying, let imperfection be.

  1. Ah, and the laughter in her howl,

as she skips past your ear in her race through the park, and then rushes back just as you pull the hair from across your lips.  That’s wind, playing.  That’s wind having fun, doing everything she can to make sure you, too, remember how to playfully trot.  Because, guess what?  She’s daring you not to laugh!  And that’s a dare I promise never to win!

So what do you say?  Shy of throwing papers around the park,

will you dance with the wind?

© 2016 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.


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