Once Upon Today

“Have you seen the river today?”

I shook my head side-to-side, smiling at the pre-packaged salad on the conveyor belt.

“Oh, man.  You should,” the cashier finished, his bright red arm reaching for the receipt.  “There’s water in it!”

After living in Boston for a full year, I couldn’t quite muster excitement for seeing water in a river.  Isn’t that where water should be?, I wondered, picturing my bus rides from Cambridge to Boston Commons.  Whenever I looked out the window on the East Coast, I found water – falling from the sky, filling the harbor, diluting the pollution between suburbs.  I had grown tired of water, tired of carrying an umbrella like an extra limb.  I had become unphased by this wet, blue substance.

It’s just water, after all!


But once upon a time (five or so years ago when I still called the Sonoran Desert ‘home’), water was glorious.  It was this magical interruption to a one hundred degree day.  It was the pleasure of dancing on the rocks with outstretched arms.  It was the reason to stop behind news crews at the river’s edge.

Once upon a time, the simplest thing seemed rare.  And in its rarity, this simplest thing brought joy.

So, once upon TODAY, let’s rekindle this joy. 

Look out to the sky and giggle at the sun.  Look into the traffic signal and cheer at its tricolor flashes.  Look at the expected and choose to see it anew, as though life has gifted this splendor for just one day.

And if you live in Boston, be sure to tell your neighbor with glee, “Have you seen the Charles River today?  There’s water in it!”

Yeah, life is pretty, spectacularly neat!

© 2016 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.


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