#CallitOut: A Diagnosis That Heals

Between you and me, diagnosis, being able to call out that burden of an ailment and put a word to its pain, is, in and of itself, an important part of healing and symptom relief! In fact, it’s the only kind of name-calling I’d actually encourage! So together, let’s #CallitOut:

Give it a name. Your worries. Your struggles. Your pain. Your disorder. Give it a name. Assign it a plaque. And then #CallitOut! Holler its syllables before every trusted friend and family member, doctor, therapist and guide. #CallitOut in the mirror and under the steam of a shower. We cannot go on ignoring our suffering, but neither can we hold onto that suffering alone. So give it a name. And make that name heard.


Have you ever been told it was ‘all in your head.’ I know I have!

CLICK HERE to read my latest Huffington Post article about an elderly Chinese man, his (in)visible syndrome, and what we can do to put words to the pain!

© 2016 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.

2 thoughts on “#CallitOut: A Diagnosis That Heals

  1. There is so much silence and stigma associated with mental illness. Now and then, I will write about my depression and anxiety on my blog. I have also asked for communal prayer for our pastoral community to raise awareness as the church body is often silent. I share my illness along with my walk of faith as it is part of who I am. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

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    • Those silent illnesses need a strong voice, and, Rick, your voice is so powerful in the most marvelous of ways. Thank you for sharing your story and breaking the silence. To a new year filled with acceptance and communal growth.


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