I love red traffic lights!  Here’s why! 

Living in the *beautiful* normal.

Okay, okay, you caught me.  In blushing reds, hand raised high, I admit it: I complained today.  Not about anything major – the computers seemed fussy, the commute took awhile.  Nothing out of the norm.  Really, I just found myself faced with an unfamiliar experience of the *gasp* normal, and it took me by surprise.  

Because usually, I don’t have time for normal.  I have a paper due at 8, a meeting at 3, an errand at 6.  I have twenty-six oral pathology lesions on my mind and a timetable forming for my midterm study schedule.  Usually, I am too distracted by life and too enthralled in my passions to stop and notice the *dare I say it again* normal.  But, boy, is normal beautiful!

The red of the traffic light, the browning green of the grass, the perfect timing of looking at the car radio just as the clock strikes 11:11.  That ‘normal’ is all around me, and when I choose to look at it without the blinders of schedules or worries or complaints, that normal is simply stunning.  

So today, join me!  Let’s step out, hand-in-hand, into the *I’m awe struck* normalcy of the world.  Let’s learn to love that extra ten seconds of pause at a red traffic light, and see beauty in the leaf that couldn’t hold onto the branch in the winter cold.  Let’s hug ever-so-tightly to the soft creases in our stomachs, and remember the majesty of each vital breath that we breathe.  Let’s decide to see beauty in each moment, and paint beauty in the moments that seem ever so normal.  

Because, between you and me, it’s all those little *yes, I’ll say it* normal things in life that make the world beautiful.   

So, what do you say?  Are you ready to . . .

(C) 2016 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey To Share.

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