How well do you know yourself?

We’ve all seen those lists –

the mile long questionnaires to get to know yourself.  ‘What is your favorite color?’ ‘Who is your role model’ ‘What is your first childhood memory?’ 

By question number three, my attention has usually checked out!  Hence, the rather short recollection just now!  Often, I find I simply know myself already, at least when it comes to my favorite time of day and favorite hobby *cough* *cough* she says writing a blog post after midnight.

But how often have we spent the time to know our obstacles, and our challenges?  How often have we sat down with our demon of the day or barrier of the year and said, ‘Hey, you!  Let’s talk!’  

And *with voices creeping down to a whisper* how often have we dared to have those conversations in *buh-duh-duh-dum* public?!  


But take a deep breath with me, dear, because the concept’s not really all that drastic.  What do we (in-the-qualified-)all really want?  Safety?  Support?  Strength?  And what is getting in the way?  Stigma?  Secrecy?  Shame?

Well, I for one have had enough of it!  San Antonio has built social emotional strength as a community, and gosh-darnit, so can we – as our own global WordPress community!  Instead of blocking, hiding, or running from our struggles, let’s take them out to tea *everyone can use the extra fluoride (within ADA guidelines, of course)* and get to know our struggles’ strengths.  Let’s get to know our struggles’ fears and weaknesses, their favorite colors and favorite times of day.  Let’s get to know, probably to start, our struggles by their names!  And, for once and all, let’s keep this conversation out in the open because change and acceptance, and a BREAK FREE FROM STIGMA begins the minute we abandon the stigma within ourselves.

And I won’t take ‘tomorrow’ for an answer!

Not even from myself!

start today.png

So, come, sit with me at tea.  I’ll bring my struggles and challenges.  You bring yours.  And let’s start at the very beginning: with a name.

‘Hey you, let’s talk!’ Question of the Day

February 10, 2017

Dear struggle.  Thank you for joining me for tea.  Remind me, what’s your name?

Do you want to join in the ‘Hey you, let’s talk!’ conversation?  Maybe you just want to get your feet wet in the idea?  Contribute your voice and your answer in the comments in as much or little detail as feels right for you!  Reblog or share with your friends if you know someone ready to fight the stigma.  Start a conversation on your blog.  Whatever path you take, we’re glad to have you out to tea with us! 

*And be sure to check the comments for my own February 10 answer!*

© 2017 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.





3 thoughts on “How well do you know yourself?

  1. The name of my struggle today is ‘Friday Focus,’ or, I suppose, lack thereof! (Especially after a snow day :p)  And it’s a pleasure to call him out at the party!  There’s just something so holding-me-accountable-esque in this whole process!  Will you join us for some tea?

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