Join Me In Heaven


What do you ♥ to do on a Saturday morning?  

Tell us.  Or better yet, show us!  

♥ I can’t wait to hear from you ♥

© 2017 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.


6 thoughts on “Join Me In Heaven

  1. A valid question. What do I love to do on a Saturday morning? I guess, in my case, this is something I’m on the road to find out. Today, it was talking to a mortgage lender about financing for a new house and running errands. Oh, wait–that’s not really what I love doing, it’s just what I did…

    I would love to sit in the living room with a good book (paper would be great, but digital is okay too), with some warm and smooth sounds on the turntable… 🙂

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    • Wait, you don’t love home financing?! Haha, but that part that you love, that part with the paperback book and warm sounds . . . pure heaven ♥ Thanks for sharing. I hope you find time for a bit of that heaven in your week, and I am SO EXCITED for you as you discover – anew or again – what brings you joy!

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