Hear Me Out


Today, I told an uber driver that I was there to listen, that his story mattered. In return, he gifted me the honor of learning about his journey as a Lost Boy, and at the final destination, neither of us wanted to leave.

There is human strength all around us, but sometimes, we simply forget to stop, ask, and listen. So today, let’s empower one another. Let’s lift our neighbors with our stories. And let us all begin to stop and listen. We are here together, and ‘here’ is truly an incredible place to be!


© 2017 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.

5 thoughts on “Hear Me Out

  1. A great example of living in and appreciating the moment. So many other people would ignore the driver and be buried on their phone or working on their work day! I see ” faith ” as a tag word! Thank you for sharing yours!

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    • I’m always astounded by the vast number of us who lose a day to a screen. The world is simply incredible when we get a chance to stop and look around our small parts of this world.

      I do find such faith in human strength and in the compassion and creativity of people such as you! Have a beautiful Wednesday!


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