Happy isn’t normal? Say what?! Let’s fix that!

So I lost my wallet. And I heard twice now, in searching for it, the reply, “But you seem so happy still.” Well, yeah. And also, why is this surprising????!

Did I get worried? Sure. It’s hard to be without ID or money just as business hours are ending for the week and I am beginning my call at the hospital. And it’s a hassle. I doubt anyone loves losing these sorts of possessions.

But I can’t change what has happened. In fact, I get how it happened – have you ever been a much too tired resident/student/parent/human? If your energy goes to your patients or other responsibilities, less is left for, quite simply, you.

And I can’t worry it to appear. It is somewhere in this universe and for some reason, it’s not meant to be with me 🤷‍♀️

Accepting what is relieves a lot of stress. Forgiving yourself handles the rest.

But truth be told, in so many other ways, I am happy. I am having a good day. I am safe.

It’s lost opportunity to smile if I let something I can’t control affect me.

So yup. Hey there Neighbor and Friend. I did lose my wallet and I’m not letting even that keep me from all the reasons I have to be happy today ☺️

Here’s wishing you a weekend where you can let those little things go. For joy in the moment!

(And some clever input I received in sharing this story:

I love learning through creative discussion!!!! What creative discussions have inspired you lately?

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