Frequently Asked Questions in the Dental World

As a pediatric dental resident at a leading children’s hospital, life has been busy! And blog posts have been far and few between. However, I still have been actively pushing away at my computer keys, answering the many, frequently asked questions dental patients have about their oral health and dental care. I’ve even been answering some of the questions providers may have in treating their day-to-day patients in the dental chair through my Colgate Oral Care Center and Colgate Professional blogs. And it’s time I bring this information back home to my readers on my own homepage.

Use the links below to find the answers to your dental questions, and feel free to share the links with your friends, families, or patients in your care.


  1. How bad is your breath really? This article answers questions like ‘What causes bad breath,’ ‘How a dentist measures bad breath,’ and ‘How to reduce your bad breath.’
  2. Your Guide to Denture Alternatives – Everything from implants to overdentures and the process to decide on your best treatment option.
  3. Sedation vs Anesthesia at the Dental Office: What’s the Difference? – An overview of the important risks and benefits when choosing levels of sedation at the dental office.
  4. Sleep Dentistry: A Way to Ease Dental Phobia – Tools to help you manage dental anxiety behaviorally and pharmacologically.

And some exciting topics are coming soon, including:

  1. Antibiotics for a Toothache – When to Expect a Prescription from Your Dentist
  2. Types of Removable Partial Dentures to Restore Your Smile
  3. Maryland Bridges as a Tooth Replacement Option
  4. Why a Homemade Filling Won’t Fix Your Cavity
  5. Early Childhood Caries: Prevention at Home and in the Dental Office
  6. Is Diet for Caries Prevention in your Home Care Instructions?
  7. 5 Tips on How to Shadow a Dentist
  8. The Risks of Clear Aligners
  9. Caring for LGBTQ Patients


Do you have a question that isn’t answered by one of the topics on this list? Reach out at or through the comment section on my blog, and I’ll get a complete, evidence-based answer direct to you!


Small Smiles

I find joy in helping build the health of small smiles …

and in preparing for the next step of my journey towards that career.

Where do you find joy? What have you done today to experience that joy? If nothing yet, there’s plenty of time! Go out and create your smile!

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Dental Care Through the Ages Part 2: The Elementary School Child

Part 2 of the Dental Care Through the Ages series is now out on Colgate Professional. CLICK HERE to learn more about developmental milestones, dental expectations, and oral health care for children in the elementary school age range.

dental kids 2.png

Have questions? Reach out to your local pediatric dentist with specific guidance for you and your child. Oral health starts with a strong foundation of knowledge, and a commitment to maintain your beautiful, healthy smile!

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How To Find a Mentor and Develop a Mentor Relationship

CLICK HERE to read a new Colgate Professional article guiding you to a strong mentorship relationship in the professional world.


How did you find your mentor? What lessons did you learn from his/her wisdom and experience? Share your stories and inspire others to create mentor relationships of their own!

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How to Improve Your Posture and Extend Your Dental Career

How to Improve Your Posture and Extend Your Dental Career

colgate posture.png

Pain and exhaustion at the end of the day may seem like part of the job to some dental professionals, but they don’t have to be. CLICK HERE to read some strategies you can employ to help prevent pain.

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Should You Hire a Dental Practice Management Consultant?


Have you considered hiring a dental practice management consultant in your dental office? As the owner of a dental practice, you wear a lot of professional hats. You are a health care provider, business manager and mentor. Every once in a while you may even have to pick up a wrench and fix a leaky faucet yourself.

Whether you wish to reduce your workload or expand your business, a dental practice management consultant can be a vital resource in reaching your dental practice goals. Regulations vary across countries, and while organizations can guide you on how to run a practice, a practice management consultant can craft a plan based on your individual situation and needs.

CLICK HERE to read more at Colgate Professional.

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Internal Marketing for Dentists: Essential Tips

internal market

You open your dental practice only to find, as reported by Titan Web Agency, that you spend 20 to 30 percent of your gross revenue on marketing. Competition and your budget are tight.

The good news is that effective internal marketing for dentists may help to reduce your practice’s external marketing expenses. In fact, the results of an international poll conducted by Nielsen show that many customers trust internal marketing more than traditional advertisements.

So, how can you put internal marketing to work?

CLICK HERE to read more at Colgate Professional.

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Social Media Marketing for Dentists: How to Promote Your Practice

Dentists may like those photos of extracted teeth, but our patients often respond with a gasp of “Ick!” Learn how to SUCCESSFULLY reach your online audience and build your social media marketing platform for your dental practice. The same tips can apply to social media marketing for businesses in general!

CLICK HERE to read the article at Colgate Talks.

colgate talks

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