It’s never too early for good habits

It’s never too early to start good habits for your little ones. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends starting the BBB – Brush, Book, Bed – routine in the first year of your little one’s life.

What do dentists vote for?

In honor of Beacon Hill day, a day of lobbying for dental causes in Boston, here are some points that matter to dentists. We are lobbying on YOUR behalf!

As a dentist, I am furious at your eating disorder

A new article is out on Medium.

Answering all the questions about how an eating disorder can impact your oral health, and what role the dentist plays on the treatment team.

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You are Worth Celebrating

Vlog 3 is out!

And it is all about Joey! And the reason behind the title ‘A Smile Blooms.’ This video shares what I am most proud of for 2019 and asks YOU an important question:

You are worth celebrating.png

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A Dentist Drops the F[loss] Bomb


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Vlog 2 is all about flossing – the dental kind, the dancing kind. There’s canine comedy and lots of Joey sass. Be sure to check it out, like it if you enjoy the content, and share it with your community.

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A Holiday Greeting

Hi there!

This blog has been quiet for quite some time. As a pediatric dental resident at Boston Children’s Hospital with a puppy, research, writing job at Colgate, teeth to treat and fun to have, I run short of time before sitting to blog. And Joey (my morkie) would much prefer I use the time left to pet his adorable stomach.

space In fact, he makes sure to be the center of attention.

And yet…

I am a writer. I have words in my bones… and if I do, I want to be present for the autopsy. But I thrive on sharing my thoughts and words with you and the paper. That is why I am excited to announce yet another place where you can find me putting my voice into this world: YOUTUBE


I’ve been there before and I’m going back in…

selfie attack


From now on, if you don’t see me here on wordpress, there’s a chance you can find me sharing my words via video recording on Youtube. In fact, I made a video while on call at Boston Children’s Hospital last night!


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You can also find me at Facebook and on Instagram @md_price.

I am excited to begin… stay… turn the corner on this blogging journey with you, and wish you the happiest of holidays.

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Dental Bridges and Do-It-Yourself Fillings

2 new articles are out on Colgate Professional and Colgate Oral Care Center.

Have you ever wondered what replacement options are available for your missing tooth? The first article goes into detail on one of the options you have to fill that dental gap, called a Maryland Bridge.

maryland bridges.jpg

And if you have ever thought about do-it-yourself dentistry, this article is for you, explaining from an evidence basis why a trip to the dentist may be the best option for treating your sick teeth.

Do you have dental questions not covered in the topics listed above, or in the articles found on my blog and Colgate profile? Comment or send me a message, and I’ll be sure to get the answer straight to your inbox.

Wishing you a weekend of healthy smiles 🙂

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Frequently Asked Questions in the Dental World

As a pediatric dental resident at a leading children’s hospital, life has been busy! And blog posts have been far and few between. However, I still have been actively pushing away at my computer keys, answering the many, frequently asked questions dental patients have about their oral health and dental care. I’ve even been answering some of the questions providers may have in treating their day-to-day patients in the dental chair through my Colgate Oral Care Center and Colgate Professional blogs. And it’s time I bring this information back home to my readers on my own homepage.

Use the links below to find the answers to your dental questions, and feel free to share the links with your friends, families, or patients in your care.


  1. How bad is your breath really? This article answers questions like ‘What causes bad breath,’ ‘How a dentist measures bad breath,’ and ‘How to reduce your bad breath.’
  2. Your Guide to Denture Alternatives – Everything from implants to overdentures and the process to decide on your best treatment option.
  3. Sedation vs Anesthesia at the Dental Office: What’s the Difference? – An overview of the important risks and benefits when choosing levels of sedation at the dental office.
  4. Sleep Dentistry: A Way to Ease Dental Phobia – Tools to help you manage dental anxiety behaviorally and pharmacologically.

And some exciting topics are coming soon, including:

  1. Antibiotics for a Toothache – When to Expect a Prescription from Your Dentist
  2. Types of Removable Partial Dentures to Restore Your Smile
  3. Maryland Bridges as a Tooth Replacement Option
  4. Why a Homemade Filling Won’t Fix Your Cavity
  5. Early Childhood Caries: Prevention at Home and in the Dental Office
  6. Is Diet for Caries Prevention in your Home Care Instructions?
  7. 5 Tips on How to Shadow a Dentist
  8. The Risks of Clear Aligners
  9. Caring for LGBTQ Patients


Do you have a question that isn’t answered by one of the topics on this list? Reach out at or through the comment section on my blog, and I’ll get a complete, evidence-based answer direct to you!