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Words flow through her mind.  Passion runs through her veins.  Drawing from medicine, dentistry, and personal inspiration,  Dr. Mirissa D. Price has a story to tell and an opinion to share.  Let these words, her actions, and your reactions be the next step towards ‘being the change.’

The articles in this list have been published on sites external to Dr. Mirissa D. Price: Dentist, Author, Improv Comedian.  Additional articles and inspirations can be found right here on this very blog!  Just head to the blog homepage and search around!

Harvard Dental Bulletin

Student Reflections – p. 5, Spring, 2016

Spreading Smiles One Child At A Time – February, 2018

I Would Be A Dentist – A Graduation Reflection – May, 2019

American Dental Association Foundation

Give Kids A Smile – Faces of GKAS Featured Profile – April, 2019


A case for the integration of medicine and dentistry – May, 2016

How do you Say ‘Culturally Competent Care’ in Korean? – February, 2019

Rising from My Wheelchair: Judaism and the Mystery of Healing – January, 2018

Colgate Oral Care Center

Candida Mouth: What is it and how to treat it – October, 2018

Behcet’s Disease: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options in Behcet’s Disease – March, 2018

Bone Loss: Why it happens and what to do next – March, 2019

Ranulas: Understanding the ‘little frog’ in the floor of your mouth – March, 2018

Apexification: Getting to the root of your dental issues – June, 2019

Erythroplakia: A red spot directing you to your dentist – April, 2019

The Glossopharyngeal Nerve Explained – March, 2019

Hypoglossal Nerve – The Brain Behind The Tongue – April, 2019

Cryptic Tonsils – A Possible Cause of Your Bad Breath! – May, 2019

Palatine Tonsil: The Immune System Guard of the Mouth – May, 2019

Sleep Dentistry Will Help You Manage Dental Anxiety – Can You Fall Asleep in the Dental Chair? – August, 2019

Sedation vs. Anesthesia: Options to Ease Your Dental Visit – August, 2019

5 Possible Wisdom Teeth Removal Complications – August, 2019

Dental Oncology 101: The Oral Health Experts on Your Cancer Treatment Team – August, 2019

Generic Drugs Versus Their Brand Name Variants: Is one really better for you? – in press

Your Guide To Denture Alternatives: Let’s Build Your New Smile – in press

The Halimeter: How Bad Is Your Breath, Really? – September, 2019

Pulpotomy vs. Pulpectomy: The Best Treatment to Heal Your Dental Pain – November, 2019

Homemade Tooth Fillings vs A Trip to the Dental Office – November, 2019

Maryland Bridges: What to Know About This Tooth – November, 2019

Types of Removable Partial Dentures to Repair Your Smile – in press

Antibiotics for a Toothache: Resolving Your Dental Pain – in press

Throat Cancer: A Head and Neck Cancer With Risk Factors You Can Manage – in press

Colgate Professional

Practice Management:

Should You Hire a Dental Practice Management Consultant? – August, 2018

Internal Marketing for Dentists: Essential Tips, Q&A – July, 2018

Social Media Marketing for Dentists: How to Promote Your Practice, Q&A – June, 2018

How to Improve Your Posture and Extend Your Dental Career – September, 2018

Patient Care:

How to Increase Patient Compliance in Periodontal Patients – November, 2018

Pediatric Dental Care Through the Ages: Infant Dental Care – December, 2018

Pediatric Dental Care Through the Ages: Elementary School Children – December, 2018

Proactive Whole Mouth Health – in press

Is Your Caries Prevention Advice Fit for Modern Diets? – in press

Early Childhood Caries: Prevention at Home and in the Dental Office – in press

The Risks of Clear Aligners – in press

Caring for LGBTQ Patients – in press

A Child Terrified of the Dentist: How Can You Ease Their Fear? – in press

Career Development: 

How to Find a Mentor and Develop a Mentor Relationship – November, 2018

How to Shadow a Dentist: 6 Tips for Shadowing a Dental Professional – in press

Social Responsibility:

Dental Volunteer Opportunities for Students – April, 2019

Psych Central: World of Psychology Blog

Body Positive Women Do These 10 Things Every Day – April, 2017

Improv is My Therapy: Why You Need To Add Comedy To Your Day – January, 2018

So You’re Lost? The Advice You’d Never Expect – February, 2018

What a Beautiful Life: The Fulfillment of Failure – February, 2018

You Have a Choice: Shrink with Fear or Soar with Courage – March, 2018

I Want You To Shine: Simple Reminders to Live the Mindful and Present Life of Your Dreams – August, 2018

Seeds 4 Change

Just keep coming home to yourself April, 2016

Baltimore Sun

Teaching Our Children To Fear – May, 2016

American Student Dental Association: Mouthing Off

The Advantages of Dorm Life While in Dental School – August, 2017

Humans of ASDA: Dental Students Engaged in the Community – January, 2018

Huffington Post

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5 Life Lessons From The Heart – March, 2016

Doctoring Your Self – March, 2016

Live Your Life Like A Comedy Routine – March, 2016

When Did You Last Use The F [Floss] Word – April, 2016

That Feeling When: Defining Moments Beyond Emojis – April, 2016

An Open Letter: To You, My Little Sister – April, 2016

Are You Having One of Those Days?  Let’s Turn It Around! – April, 2016

Sleep Makes SENS – May, 2016

What Happens Next: The Five Stages of Post-Election Grief – November, 2016

5 Mouth-Healthy Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving – November, 2016

Open Wide!  I Need To Check Your Spleen. – December, 2016

#CallitOut: The Healing Power of a Diagnosis – December, 2016

Consider the Evidence: Fluoride for Healthy Futures – February, 2017

We Came, We Brushed, We Smiled: Harvard School of Dental Medicine Turns The Pediatric Dental Visit Into a Treasure Hunt – February, 2017

Fluoride Varnishes The News – March, 2017

5 Tips To Make Toothbrushing Fun For The Family – March, 2017

You CAN Manage Your Dental Anxiety – April, 2017

10 Best Moments from the Class of 2020 Harvard Medical School/Harvard School of Dental Medicine Music Video – April, 2017

10 Takeaways from 10 Dental Specialties – May, 2017

What Truly Matters – July, 2017

30 Simple Somethings That Matter Most In Life – September, 2017

Harness Your Power To Heal – September, 2017

You Are a Part of the Solution: Remedying the Opioid Crisis – September, 2017

5 Simple Steps for Managing Your Dental Anxiety – October, 2017

Informed Consent in the Dental Setting: Opportunity for Enhancement – November, 2017

Dental Health Tips for Kids: Help Your Child’s Smile Bloom – November, 2017

You CAN Change a Life – December, 2017


In Support of Healthy Smiles – HSDM Gives Kids A Smile – February, 2018

I Believe You – Challenges of an Unseen Illness – February, 2018

9 Life Lessons Inspired to Bring Into 2019 – And the country music playlist that inspired them – January, 2019

10 Health Conditions Hiding in Plain Sight of the Dentist – January, 2019

How to do a very bad job at hiding your relationship – A comedian’s life experience – I mean comedic – point of view – January, 2019

And Then A Week Goes By – Healing in the aftermath of a breakup – January, 2019

Match Day – A Behind The Scenes View – January 28, 2019

Tldr – There’s more we can say. There is more we each can do. – February 6, 2019

How do you say ‘Culturally Competent Care’ in Korean? – February 7, 2019

Empowering Children One Smile at a Time – February 9, 2019

I was watching another Diane Keaton movie when I realized, ‘This is my life.’ – June 22, 2019

As your dentist, I am furious at your eating disorder: the role of the dentist on the eating disorder treatment team – February, 2020

David Snape and Friends

Dance With The Wind – April, 2016

A Dialogue With Life – May, 2016

Challenges in Interfaith Marriage – February, 2018

Global Patient Network

Profile feature – a child with RSD; my family’s Thank You gift to the doctor who helped cure my childhood disease – Featured in 2007

Thought Catalog

#NoStigma: Lessons from a patient with Anorexia Nervosa – March, 2017

Stop Doing the Right Thing and Take a ‘Wrong’ Turn Towards Your Dreams – March, 2017

So This Is It: Healing in the Aftermath of a Breakup – January, 2019

Your Tango

41 Thoughts You Have After a Sexual Assault (That No One Ever Talks About) – March, 2017                                                                                                            Edited collaboration with YourTango

10 Signs He’s Not the Love of Your Life, He’s Just the Love of RIGHT NOW – May, 2017

7 Signs You’re Leading a Guy On – Without Even Realizing It – February, 2018

Video Features

103.3 AMP Radio: Give Kids A Smile – January, 2019

103.3 AMP Radio: Give Kids A Smile – January, 2018

Oral Health Tip of the Day – May, 2017

Oral Health Goal of the Day – May, 2017

You CAN Manage Your Dental Anxiety – April, 2017

5 Tips to Make Toothbrushing Fun For the Family – April, 2017

Study Party: A Vlog Short, Studying IS Fun! – March, 2017

What I Love About Writing: A Vlog Short – March, 2017

Grout Family Dentistry: An Interview with Mirissa Price – May, 2015

High Nooners: The First Showdown, An Improv Comedy Performance – May, 2015

Crafting Yourself: Teaching Tools for Resiliency and Self-Efficacy to Our Youth – April 2014

Scottsdale Orthodontic Care

The one question everyone hates when going to a dentist – May, 2016

Tioga Dental & Orthodontics

Dentist Phobia? These Mental Health Service Providers in Gainesville Can Help – November, 2017; referenced as source of mental health strategies for dental anxiety


Dental Health Tips for Kids: Help Your Child’s Smile Bloom – November, 2017

Woodview Oral Surgery

Fluoride for Healthy Futures – September, 2017

Dental School Essays

Mirissa D. Price’s Dental School Application Essay, published in an anthology of dental school application essays – Anticipated publication Jan. 2018 (Available through Amazon; link to be provided at publication date.)

Research Publications

Can non-cognitive components of admissions data foretell pre-doctoral student performance and post-doctoral program placement? J Den Educ 2018; in press.

Dental school interview as a predictor of pre-doctoral OSCE performance. J Den Educ 2018; March: in press.

A Student Development Program to Train Future Faculty in Dental EducationMDS The Journal; 2019: in press.

Evidence Based Dentistry Manual: Dental Materials and Procedures. Harvard Dental Center. 2017.

Optical Property Enhancement of Dental Composites Using Reactive Nanogel Additives, Mar. 2014, American Association for Dental Research – University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

Effects of Combined Inorganic and Nanogel Fillers on Composite Properties, Mar. 2013, International Association for Dental Research – University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

Rhetorical Analysis in Critical Media Studies: An Introduction (2nd ed.), 2014, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. – University of Colorado Denver


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