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Words flow through her mind.  Passion runs through her veins.  Drawing from medicine, dentistry, and personal inspiration,  Mirissa D. Price has a story to tell and an opinion to share.  Let these words, her actions, and your reactions be the next step towards ‘being the change.’

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Harvard Dental Bulletin

Student Reflections – p. 5, Spring 2016


A case for the integration of medicine and dentistry – May, 2016

Dental School Essays

Mirissa D. Price’s Dental School Application Essay, published in an anthology of dental school application essays – Anticipated publication Jan. 2018 (Available through Amazon; link to be provided at publication date.)

Psych Central: World of Psychology Blog

Body Positive Women Do These 10 Things Every Day – April, 2017

Seeds 4 Change

Just keep coming home to yourself – April, 2016

Baltimore Sun

Teaching Our Children To Fear – May, 2016

American Student Dental Association: Mouthing Off

The Advantages of Dorm Life While in Dental School – August, 2017

Huffington Post

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5 Life Lessons From The Heart – March, 2016

Doctoring Your Self – March, 2016

Live Your Life Like A Comedy Routine – March, 2016

When Did You Last Use The F [Floss] Word – April, 2016

That Feeling When: Defining Moments Beyond Emojis – April, 2016

An Open Letter: To You, My Little Sister – April, 2016

Are You Having One of Those Days?  Let’s Turn It Around! – April, 2016

Sleep Makes SENS – May, 2016

What Happens Next: The Five Stages of Post-Election Grief – November, 2016

5 Mouth-Healthy Ways To Celebrate Thanksgiving – November, 2016

Open Wide!  I Need To Check Your Spleen. – December, 2016

#CallitOut: The Healing Power of a Diagnosis – December, 2016

Consider the Evidence: Fluoride for Healthy Futures – February, 2017

We Came, We Brushed, We Smiled: Harvard School of Dental Medicine Turns The Pediatric Dental Visit Into a Treasure Hunt – February, 2017

Fluoride Varnishes The News – March, 2017

5 Tips To Make Toothbrushing Fun For The Family – March, 2017

You CAN Manage Your Dental Anxiety – April, 2017

10 Best Moments from the Class of 2020 Harvard Medical School/Harvard School of Dental Medicine Music Video – April, 2017

10 Takeaways from 10 Dental Specialties – May, 2017

What Truly Matters – July, 2017

30 Simple Somethings That Matter Most In Life – September, 2017

Harness Your Power To Heal – September, 2017

You Are a Part of the Solution: Remedying the Opioid Crisis – September, 2017

5 Simple Steps for Managing Your Dental Anxiety – October, 2017

Informed Consent in the Dental Setting: Opportunity for Enhancement – November, 2017

Dental Health Tips for Kids: Help Your Child’s Smile Bloom – November, 2017

David Snape and Friends

Dance With The Wind – April, 2016

A Dialogue With Life – May, 2016

Thought Catalog

#NoStigma: Lessons from a patient with Anorexia Nervosa – March, 2017

Stop Doing the Right Thing and Take a ‘Wrong’ Turn Towards Your Dreams – March, 2017

Your Tango

41 Thoughts You Have After a Sexual Assault (That No One Ever Talks About) – March, 2017                                                                                                            Edited collaboration with YourTango

10 Signs He’s Not the Love of Your Life, He’s Just the Love of RIGHT NOW – May, 2017

Scottsdale Orthodontic Care

The one question everyone hates when going to a dentist – May, 2016

Tioga Dental & Orthodontics

Dentist Phobia? These Mental Health Service Providers in Gainesville Can Help – November, 2017; referenced as source of mental health strategies for dental anxiety

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