The Reason Today Is Worth Celebrating

Much too often, we minimize our accomplishments.

We tell ourselves, ‘Sure, I did that, but so could anyone else around.’ Or, ‘Yeah, I did that, but I could have done it better.’

And maybe that’s partly true. There are lots of talented people. There is always room to improve.

But could you have done just as well two months ago?

Could you have accomplished that task last year?

The measure of our success has never been the people around us. The target in sight has never been based on a neighbor.


Because our only locus of control is in ourselves. Our only standard of compare is against ourselves.

We take who we were yesterday, and we try to grow into an even better person today. We take our mistakes of the day, and acknowledge that they will help us grow tomorrow. We hold in ourselves the belief that we are our own greatest advocates, and we are our own cheering fans.

We applaud our successes, no matter how small.

And we give to ourselves the encouragement we would give to a friend. Because we know the truth: what we did today was INCREDIBLE. And what we can do tomorrow will be inspired by today.

© 2017 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.


Picking Up Faith

Sometimes, I’m a klutz!

Not when I am working in the mouth.  *You can breathe a sigh of relief.*  But, oh boy, when I am studying with a pencil, notecard, ipad, and textbook in my hand, lap, arm, elbow, lap . . .

Things sometimes fall.

So I learned a new trick!

Yes, of course, pick them up!  But first, I give those silly little trinkets a name.  My pencil is ‘Mind.’ My notecards are ‘Strength,’ ‘Energy,’ and ‘Excitement.’  My ipad is ‘Self’ – I try my best not to drop that one.  So now, every time I bend down to pick up a dropped piece of clutter, I pick up a tidbit of Hope, Energy, and Strength!

Now where did my Mind go? cute-wink-smiley


© 2017 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.

Mind Over Matter

Send yourself a trinket of motivation this Monday!  You can write your favorite saying on a sticky note and put it in your pocket.  You could paint that saying on a rock and put it in your purse.  Or, you could go for a little splurge, and put a motivational saying on a ring!

 Check out where my motivation landed this Monday:

Purchased from the Etsy shop of Linda Munequita – ♥ to Linda 

So, do share: where did your motivation land today?

© 2017 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.