And it feels damn good.

True story.

I treated myself to a 305 Fitness dance cardio twerkout party and smiled the whole way through. When I left, I was still smiling and smiled at a homeless man on the street.

He said he was hungry, so I offered him a dinner at the McDonald’s right next to us. We bonded over McBurgers of one sort or another.

It was the highlight of my day. And all it took was a smile and a small act of kindness.

When you do good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good. It’s a cycle that never breaks and it feels damn good.

So go out and make a difference in your community today, and treat yourself while you’re at it!

In under a minute, you can be a light in a child’s life

When I was an ill child, trapped in a bed and wheelchair, some of my happiest moments were those found opening cards from strangers.

Take a second of your day to be that source of joy in a child’s life this Valentine’s Day.

You can even google search for organizations accepting physical cards for ill children AND their (often forgotten) siblings.

As someone who found an angel of healing and inspiration in a single card, I can attest that a card can actually change a life. ❤️

Your kind words and seconds of time can change a life.

My Story of Giving Kids Smiles – A Feature on the American Dental Association Foundation

Every year, Give Kids A Smile provides pain-free smiles to children across the United States.

GKAS ADA Foundation.jpg

It is a true gift and honor to serve as a national Give Kids A Smile Ambassador and help this program grow and reach new heights. Recently, my experience with Give Kids A Smile and with a specific, marvelous young patient was featured on the American Dental Association Foundation website. To learn more about the program and read about my experiences with young Evan, CLICK HERE.

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Empowering Children Through Healthy Smiles

Give Kids A Smile 2019 brought smiles to the faces of 50 children in only 3 hours!

This morning, Harvard School of Dental Medicine provided free dental care to any child who walked through our clinic doors, connecting 50 families to a dental home. The children we met were amazing, and the volunteers were out of this world.

gkas 2019 pic

CLICK HERE to learn more about GKAS and this morning’s event.

And reach out if you want to get involved in GKAS in your area!

© 2019 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.

Give Kids A Smile

Boston area families, this one is for you!

If you or someone you know is in the Boston area, share the message: Harvard School of Dental Medicine is going to be providing ABSOLUTELY FREE DENTAL CARE to children ages 1-17. Services include xrays, exams, cleanings, sealants, restorative and emergency care as needed, opportunity to connect to a long-term dental home, well-child screenings, nutrition and health information, fun activities and crafts for the kids, athletic mouthguards and more!

Call to schedule your child’s FREE Give Kids A Smile visit!

gkas 2019.png

Walk-ins are also welcome, but the best way to reserve a time is to call and schedule your child’s appointment. We will have many providers, able to care for all your children at the same appointment time!

For more information, check out our Facebook page and reach out with any questions!

© 2019 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.



With a simple smile, we can all make a difference. I am so honored to be considered for this #HumansofASDA series, and to learn of all that inspires my incredible dental colleagues to contribute in so many unique ways.


Do you have a unique inspiration for contributing to the community? Do you aspire to “be the change”? Let us know how in the comments below! Your story can inspire others.

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