Sugar-Wrapped Strength


You go out to dinner with a group of friends.  And by the end of the meal, you are stuffed!  You couldn’t possibly eat any more.  So, you take your fortune cookie to go, a well-wrapped sugar form sliding into your pocket.  “For later,” you decide, patting the crescent shape against your thigh.


What does the fortune cookie say?  What inspiring words would you tell yourself?  What do you want or need to hear?

We may not have the job title ‘Fortune Cookie Writer’ printed on our business cards, but we have the gift of designing our futures.  So, my friend, carry that gift with you, hold it in your pocket, and always remember it is near.

P.S. Fortunes inside sugar cookies are less palatable than they appear.  So, for everyone’s safety, let’s aim to embrace rather than ingest our futures ;).

© 2016 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.