An article from the frontlines

I have been both a doctor and patient during the COVID pandemic. Check out this article on Medium about my experience behind the scenes from both sides (WordPress is being fishy for me today so a url will have to do. Copy/paste it into your browser to get to the article or commend and I’ll send you a link!:

We’re doing a lot right, and there’s more we can all do to get through this…. but did you catch that last part. We WILL get through this ❤️

On the frontlines

When you walk into the hospital as part of your daily job during a pandemic, you expect to get sick.

But then you walk home, buy food. You can’t avoid touching doorknobs and store counters. You do your best, and you know – with personal protective equipment limited, with sanitizer going missing – it is not enough.

So you simply ask that people who CAN avoid the virus act as though every surface is in contact with a healthcare provider. You ask that everyone around you do their absolute best because, in working in healthcare or the service industry right now, there are too many of us whose best won’t be enough. I have spoken with many people who don’t know how much to social distance, and I just ask, for our sick kiddos, unwell adults and dear elderly friends, try every day to just do your best.

The world is a single community right now and we all will make a difference in how this community moves forward.

How to know when to take that break

Photos of that new leggings feeling start this post, because the smile these photos capture is real. It’s strong and authentic.

But now for the real talk, my friends…

Have you ever planned on a gym day and then… life happens? An injury, work commitment, party or family medical emergency and 💥 plans go out the window. It’s hard when you get in the flow of going to the gym to break that cycle. You don’t want your fitness journey progress or your fitness motivation to suffer!

So I have two pieces of advice:

  1. You found that motivation before and you WILL find it again. Remember, at one point you weren’t even going to these gym workouts and classes. That drive that got you through the door hasn’t gone away. That drive is in YOU!

    And most importantly,
  2. Why do you want a fitness journey in the first place? If the goal of feeling healthy and building muscle is to live in a gym, then you are either quitting your current life to be a fitness trainer – all the power to you – or you are doing these workout routines for the wrong reason! Fitness helps build your stamina and strength to be a confident and engaged protagonist in your own life. The life lessons you learn reaching a top speed on a treadmill and the cardiovascular health you gain over time help you take long walks with your friends through Boston and help you navigate workplace turmoil. They help you be best engaged in the life you already have OUTSIDE the gym… so by necessity, you have to allow space for that ‘outside the gym’ life! Unless your goal is to be that trainer or athlete, the gym should never BECOME your life. ((And even then, your networks outside the gym matter.)) So if missing a day or week of workouts for LIFE is going to get you down, re-examine what your workouts are really about.

Fitness can encourage a strong mindset and sense of self. AND a healthy fitness journey requires checking in with yourself along the way to re-examine your motivations and whether you maybe do need a fitness break… just to prove to yourself you can take that break and jump right back in.

I believe in you, and I want you to see how strong you are, too!!!!

She did it!

This girl hit her all time fastest running speed at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Newsflash: it was the MINIMUM recommended speed and took 2 weeks, lots of ice cream, and an injury to build up to. But I did it!

And you can, too.

The thing about a fitness journey is that the journey has nothing to do with fitness.

It has to do with balance.

A fitness journey involves acceptance of the ups and downs,

allowing yourself to eat when and what your body wants, and finding time for breaks in the process.

This running speed came after I slept in until noon and indulged in all the yummy extras I had in my kitchen. I felt kind of bad about that so-called indulgence for a bit, and then I saw, it’s what my body wanted! And clearly what it needed to achieve these personal bests.

So listen to your body.

Your personal best is always yourself on a fully nourished and rested day.

And slower running speeds, you can #kissmygrits 😘

Girl, eat your ice cream

Me: Oh my! That was too much ice cream for one day but I was so hungry.

Also me: I was on call and at the hospital until 1:30 am, walked my dog until 3:30 am, slept 2 hours, went to work at the hospital, went to a dance class @305fitness, did a workout @barrys, walked a total of 10 miles so far and am walking my dog some more tonight.

Girl, eat your ice cream!

Real talk:

Diet culture emphasizes eating so many calories per day, watching carbs and sugars and all that yummy goodness. Healthy Living is about rejecting all that and following what your body, mind and spirit want. Today, my body wanted lots of sweet flavors and coolness after a #makesweatsexy workout, and that’s A-okay!

Real dental talk:

If you are eating those extra sweats throughout the day, watch your toothbrushing. You may need an extra midday brush to balance the frequency of sugar intake. Sugar AND fluoride can lift your smile.

As a dentist, I am furious at your eating disorder

A new article is out on Medium.

Answering all the questions about how an eating disorder can impact your oral health, and what role the dentist plays on the treatment team.

woman window

CLICK HERE to read more and be sure to share and like the post, comment with questions, and for patients with eating disorders, ask your team to include a dentist in their conversations about your health.

In under a minute, you can be a light in a child’s life

When I was an ill child, trapped in a bed and wheelchair, some of my happiest moments were those found opening cards from strangers.

Take a second of your day to be that source of joy in a child’s life this Valentine’s Day.

You can even google search for organizations accepting physical cards for ill children AND their (often forgotten) siblings.

As someone who found an angel of healing and inspiration in a single card, I can attest that a card can actually change a life. ❤️

Your kind words and seconds of time can change a life.

Dental Bridges and Do-It-Yourself Fillings

2 new articles are out on Colgate Professional and Colgate Oral Care Center.

Have you ever wondered what replacement options are available for your missing tooth? The first article goes into detail on one of the options you have to fill that dental gap, called a Maryland Bridge.

maryland bridges.jpg

And if you have ever thought about do-it-yourself dentistry, this article is for you, explaining from an evidence basis why a trip to the dentist may be the best option for treating your sick teeth.

Do you have dental questions not covered in the topics listed above, or in the articles found on my blog and Colgate profile? Comment or send me a message, and I’ll be sure to get the answer straight to your inbox.

Wishing you a weekend of healthy smiles 🙂

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10 Health Conditions Hiding in Plain Sight of the Dentist

THIS New Article is Out on Medium!

Let’s face it: the idea of a dental visit can be a lot to chew!

The heckling about flossing; the dozens of questions your dentist asks while wads of cotton sit between your cheeks and your teeth; the age-old question of ‘if I poke you, will you bleed?’ (Although, that last one gets me laughing every time as the patient.)


But those visits to the dentist are important! — and not just for their comedic value or the resultant sparkly, clean teeth 😊 Beneath the plaque and calculus, and monotone dictation of numbers for a chart, your dentist is evaluating your medical health. She is reading your teeth like a road-map, considering your oral and overall health today and over the past few months or years.


© 2019 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.