She did it!

This girl hit her all time fastest running speed at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Newsflash: it was the MINIMUM recommended speed and took 2 weeks, lots of ice cream, and an injury to build up to. But I did it!

And you can, too.

The thing about a fitness journey is that the journey has nothing to do with fitness.

It has to do with balance.

A fitness journey involves acceptance of the ups and downs,

allowing yourself to eat when and what your body wants, and finding time for breaks in the process.

This running speed came after I slept in until noon and indulged in all the yummy extras I had in my kitchen. I felt kind of bad about that so-called indulgence for a bit, and then I saw, it’s what my body wanted! And clearly what it needed to achieve these personal bests.

So listen to your body.

Your personal best is always yourself on a fully nourished and rested day.

And slower running speeds, you can #kissmygrits 😘

Success is really this simple

I’m a doctor – a dentist. And I’m an impromptu dancer. I’m a fan of being playful and silly and smiling just because. I’m a fan of living in the moment and letting go of the worry that clouds out creative energy.

I wasn’t always this way. It took nights of tears and stress in high school, studying for exams because I never was perfect enough. (FOR WHO?!?!?!)

It took realizing that all the energy I wasted worrying could have been used to take steps forward.

It took letting go of that need to be perfect and accepting that hard work and self improvement were enough. It took realizing I was enough.

It took making friends who let me dance in the middle of a crowded room just because. Even if they don’t always join in.

It took a lot of time and self growth to believe in the magic within myself. And it was worth it.

So how can you get to this joy?

Let’s start – all together – with a healthy smile in this very moment.

And GO! 😁

Happy isn’t normal? Say what?! Let’s fix that!

So I lost my wallet. And I heard twice now, in searching for it, the reply, “But you seem so happy still.” Well, yeah. And also, why is this surprising????!

Did I get worried? Sure. It’s hard to be without ID or money just as business hours are ending for the week and I am beginning my call at the hospital. And it’s a hassle. I doubt anyone loves losing these sorts of possessions.

But I can’t change what has happened. In fact, I get how it happened – have you ever been a much too tired resident/student/parent/human? If your energy goes to your patients or other responsibilities, less is left for, quite simply, you.

And I can’t worry it to appear. It is somewhere in this universe and for some reason, it’s not meant to be with me 🤷‍♀️

Accepting what is relieves a lot of stress. Forgiving yourself handles the rest.

But truth be told, in so many other ways, I am happy. I am having a good day. I am safe.

It’s lost opportunity to smile if I let something I can’t control affect me.

So yup. Hey there Neighbor and Friend. I did lose my wallet and I’m not letting even that keep me from all the reasons I have to be happy today ☺️

Here’s wishing you a weekend where you can let those little things go. For joy in the moment!

(And some clever input I received in sharing this story:

I love learning through creative discussion!!!! What creative discussions have inspired you lately?

You Are A Game Changer

It’s easy to feel small in this big and busy world. But each and every one of you can and will change the world – through a single person, city or continent! And the first step starts with you.

What impact do you want to have on the world? Envision it. Believe it will happen. And watch what great change you make in this world!

A Holiday Greeting

Hi there!

This blog has been quiet for quite some time. As a pediatric dental resident at Boston Children’s Hospital with a puppy, research, writing job at Colgate, teeth to treat and fun to have, I run short of time before sitting to blog. And Joey (my morkie) would much prefer I use the time left to pet his adorable stomach.

space In fact, he makes sure to be the center of attention.

And yet…

I am a writer. I have words in my bones… and if I do, I want to be present for the autopsy. But I thrive on sharing my thoughts and words with you and the paper. That is why I am excited to announce yet another place where you can find me putting my voice into this world: YOUTUBE


I’ve been there before and I’m going back in…

selfie attack


From now on, if you don’t see me here on wordpress, there’s a chance you can find me sharing my words via video recording on Youtube. In fact, I made a video while on call at Boston Children’s Hospital last night!


Be sure to follow my youtube channel! 

You can also find me at Facebook and on Instagram @md_price.

I am excited to begin… stay… turn the corner on this blogging journey with you, and wish you the happiest of holidays.

holiday card

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