The kindest thing you can do for yourself

Right now, I’m feeling strong. But when I saw this reflection twelve hours ago, I felt weak. I didn’t like what I had seen.

I was judging myself for not getting to bed (puppy parenting problems). I was tired and my self perception shifted momentarily because of that. For a minute, I didn’t acknowledge the beautiful woman smiling back at me.

But that beautiful woman never left. That beautiful soul never stopped smiling.

Our perception of ourselves tends to shift with our emotions and energy level. It’s natural! It’s imperfectly human.

Which is why – in sticky notes or phone memos – the kindest thing we can do for ourselves is place reminders in our lives of what we see when we are at our rested, fed and emotional best. Because that best is always in us, always reflecting back. Sometimes, it’s just hidden by a rainy minute or a hectic life (we all have one!).

But let’s start acknowledging that beautiful soul NOW:

Look in the mirror and tell that beautiful reflection how gosh darn gorgeous he/she is. Because YOU my friend (yes, all of you and all of my patients are ‘my friends 🙂) are stunning and a beautiful gift.

As a dentist, I am furious at your eating disorder

A new article is out on Medium.

Answering all the questions about how an eating disorder can impact your oral health, and what role the dentist plays on the treatment team.

woman window

CLICK HERE to read more and be sure to share and like the post, comment with questions, and for patients with eating disorders, ask your team to include a dentist in their conversations about your health.

My dog doesn’t care about your thigh gap

Newsflash. In a room full of healthy ladies in leggings, maybe one will have a thigh gap, one a healthy dose of cellulite, one a shape in between the two. And all those ladies will be smiling, because beauty isn’t that physical lack of weight or flab or cellulite but the willingness to be completely, unapologetically you, the willingness to use the kick a*% body you do have to let your inner self shine through!

My dog doesn’t care about your thigh gap or shape, size or weight, (in fact, the softer the better for his sleep 😋) and I hope you, too, don’t waste a precious moment caring about the silly details of your body either.

Health at every size is real, and possible for you!

Here’s What I Weigh!

Rotating through Developmental Medicine, I saw a young boy beginning the battle with an eating disorder, a disease that has taken the life of so many.

So I went out and found ways [heh, weighs ;)] we can contribute to making the world healthier!

This campaign is just one that anyone can so easily support!

I weigh [who I am, what I contribute to this world, and what brings me joy]. I am a doctor, a friend, a puppy mom; a comedian, author, nerd; a woman, leader, survivor. I am NOT a number on a scale, a size on a pair of pants, or a percent of body fat. I am not measured by a BMI. Those things change – and not just due to weight but with hormones, age, sleep cycle. **** THOSE THINGS DON’T MATTER ❤️*** And I am passionate about changing our conversations around health and weight. I may be biased as a dentist, but I believe firmly that your health emerges from your smile and everything that your smile grows from and contributed to this world. I weigh the smile that grounds me to this moment. I don’t much care about my relationship with the gravitational pull of this Earth.

What do you weigh? Support a healthy culture by adding your bullet point list of “pounds” that matter. @jameelajamilofficial @i_weigh #iweigh