What beauty surrounds you?

Some mornings, we don’t need long posts. Rather, we just need silence to appreciate the beauty around us.

What beauty surrounds you?

In other news, one year ago Valentine’s Day, my valentine came home. He is part of the beauty that surrounds me. Here is a take back to my Valentine’s homecoming ❤️

See the world through my ‘Yes, And’ eyes

This is my reality. Colorful. Joyful. Creative and fascinating.

What’s your reality?

I took this picture on my walk to work this Sunday morning. The sky was a gorgeous shade of sunrise. The trees were a beautiful landscape of winter. The patient I was walking towards was in the most challenging of circumstances as our team helped navigate a life-altering, life threatening medical decision. And I was tired from a full day and night of work with only an hour of sleep, and yet, I was inspired. I was honored. I was grateful to be on this walk to this patient on this Sunday morning.

Life can be stressful, tiring, overwhelming and chaotic.

Yes, friend, we can relate.

AND even in those moments of chaos, we can take a ‘Yes, and’ approach instead of the ‘Yes, but.’ Yes I am tired and this situation is very emotionally and physically hard, AND I am honored to do this work for this kind and scared man and with a generous and grateful team.

Here’s to a week filled with ‘Yes, and’ moments.

There is always a chance

The celebration of Hanukkah is a celebration of miracles in the context of historic battle. And, it is a celebration of so much more! With each candle we light, we are welcoming hope, faith, and brightness into our lives. With each night we pray, we are joyfully gifted a reminder: miracles happen every day. And so, no matter what happened in our day, no matter what troubles we face, we can always hold onto faith.

What miracles entered your life today? No matter how seemingly small, embrace them, for they are truly life’s most divine gift to embrace.

I Spy With My Quiet Mind, Something …

Did you take your mindfully beautiful walk of the day?  

If not, what are you waiting for?  Here’s your formal invitation 😉 Go give that mindful walk a step or two of a try!  Who knows what inspiration and joy your quiet mind will discover.

Did you see something extra special?!  Let us know in the comments as you finish the sentence: ‘I spy with my quiet mind, something ________.” 

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