The root of your dental pain

What is at the root of your dental pain?


This article now out on Colgate Oral Care Center can help you better understand apexification, a treatment that targets the root of the tooth.

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and come prepared to your next dental appointment with the right background knowledge and questions.

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2 Articles Are Out!

We have all heard about the tonsils, but we don’t often talk about what they do for our health.

Two articles are out NOW on Colgate Oral Care Center to help you better understand your tonsils.

CLICK HERE to read an article about Cryptic Tonsils.

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AND CLICK HERE to read an article about the Palatine Tonsils.

The oral cavity has so many parts and components that all impact your overall health. Learning about those parts can help you best take care of and consider your health.

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Educating Future Educators

At Harvard School of Dental Medicine, a small cohort of students study dental academia with the interest of possibly pursing dental education in their future careers. I am honored to be among those students, studying with the close mentorship of my academic deans. Even more so, I am excited to share the details of this program with YOU so that we can spread this innovative mentorship program to other dental and higher education programs! It’s time to educate the future educators (and offer exposure to a field many of us simply don’t know enough about :)).

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CLICK HERE to read the article  in the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society.

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Match Day – A Behind The Scenes View

Today was Match Day,

a day when I found out I would be training as a pediatric dental resident at Harvard-Boston Children’s Hospital.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes view, and the words that simply could not be enough to humbly, and overwhelmingly say ‘Thank You.’

match day pic

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10 Health Conditions Hiding in Plain Sight of the Dentist

THIS New Article is Out on Medium!

Let’s face it: the idea of a dental visit can be a lot to chew!

The heckling about flossing; the dozens of questions your dentist asks while wads of cotton sit between your cheeks and your teeth; the age-old question of ‘if I poke you, will you bleed?’ (Although, that last one gets me laughing every time as the patient.)


But those visits to the dentist are important! — and not just for their comedic value or the resultant sparkly, clean teeth 😊 Beneath the plaque and calculus, and monotone dictation of numbers for a chart, your dentist is evaluating your medical health. She is reading your teeth like a road-map, considering your oral and overall health today and over the past few months or years.


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Dental Care Through the Ages Part 2: The Elementary School Child

Part 2 of the Dental Care Through the Ages series is now out on Colgate Professional. CLICK HERE to learn more about developmental milestones, dental expectations, and oral health care for children in the elementary school age range.

dental kids 2.png

Have questions? Reach out to your local pediatric dentist with specific guidance for you and your child. Oral health starts with a strong foundation of knowledge, and a commitment to maintain your beautiful, healthy smile!

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