And the winner is . . .

This week, the six word stories entered in Sometimes Stellar Storyteller were filled with knives, daggers, and exclamation points abound.  What else would you expect from the prompt “insult?!”


Winning third is truly an honor . . .

though do you also get the sense that winning an “insult” competition is perhaps, in and of itself, a sly insult?  Ah, never mind!  It’s all in good fun on this site.


to read the winning six word stories and be sure to join in for this next week of fun entries.

Let the six word creativity begin!

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First Place Winner!

Tell me a story.  In six words.

Yes, six.

Every week, fellow blogger, Nicola, at Sometimes Stellar Storyteller challenges the blogging world to create a story from start to finish in six short words.  (Well, no one says the words themselves have to be short, but you get the idea.)

The competition prompts camaraderie, creativity, reflection, and thought, and this week, to the prompt of “Horror,” my six word story won first place!



to read my story and all the winners.  If this contest sounds like fun, join in the game next week!  New prompts come out Saturday morning.  And if you prefer to read, stop by each week and vote for your favorites while exploring Nicola’s own splendid writing.  You won’t regret it!

Who knows: you might even win your very own, colorful, first-place star!

Do Six Word Stories interest you?  Do you have something on your mind stirring to come out?  Share your micro-tale in the comments below.  Let the story unfold!

© 2016 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share.