The Reading List

You have a few minutes to pick the next great book for your flight across the country …

What will you do?!

(1) Let a random amazon search do your picking

(2) Poll the three people standing near you in the airport

or … (the ‘best’ answer 😉 )

(3) Check out the Book Reviews in Brief on that blog you once saw!

Now, I’m starting this list in January of 2019, so it is in no way comprehensive of the books I have read. In fact, it only includes the books of 2019! But all we have is the present #amiright.

So here we are – Book Reviews in Brief.

What books are you reading? Comment, link to your book review blogs, and let us know!

Books are organized in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. Please turn to Ctrl+F for your convenience.


Asher, Jay and Mackler, Carolyn – The Future of Us

Attenberg, Jami – All Grown Up


Fagan, Kate – What Made Maddy Run