Think Again

Question things.  Question everything.  If it is causing you worry, is it true?  How could it be?  Our lives are comprised of the stories we tell ourselves, so why not rewrite our own stories?  Why put up with the worry?

This page is a list of questions.  Use them to challenge your thoughts and rewrite your story.

  1. What if your body didn’t matter?
  2. What if everything really was going to be okay?
  3. What if everything is happening for a reason?
  4. What if you fail . . . AND wake up the next day?
  5. What if you are enough?
  6. What if you ARE happy?  (*mind shattering* – but really, what if?)
  7. What if you didn’t give those negative thoughts a voice?  What would your day be like?  What would you be like?
  8. What if you could make it through this moment on your own, without seeking approval?
  9. What if you were hungry and you ate?!  (Do people do that?!)

This page is in dedication to a dear friend.  Here’s to your strength – past, present, and all to come – because nobody should have a ‘bad breakfast.’

© 2017 Mirissa D. Price: A Dental Student, A Writer, A Journey to Share


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