Girl, eat your ice cream

Me: Oh my! That was too much ice cream for one day but I was so hungry.

Also me: I was on call and at the hospital until 1:30 am, walked my dog until 3:30 am, slept 2 hours, went to work at the hospital, went to a dance class @305fitness, did a workout @barrys, walked a total of 10 miles so far and am walking my dog some more tonight.

Girl, eat your ice cream!

Real talk:

Diet culture emphasizes eating so many calories per day, watching carbs and sugars and all that yummy goodness. Healthy Living is about rejecting all that and following what your body, mind and spirit want. Today, my body wanted lots of sweet flavors and coolness after a #makesweatsexy workout, and that’s A-okay!

Real dental talk:

If you are eating those extra sweats throughout the day, watch your toothbrushing. You may need an extra midday brush to balance the frequency of sugar intake. Sugar AND fluoride can lift your smile.

What beauty surrounds you?

Some mornings, we don’t need long posts. Rather, we just need silence to appreciate the beauty around us.

What beauty surrounds you?

In other news, one year ago Valentine’s Day, my valentine came home. He is part of the beauty that surrounds me. Here is a take back to my Valentine’s homecoming ❤️

How to love what you see in the mirror (it has nothing to do with fitness, hair, clothes or makeup!)

I picked up this bad boy at Barry’s Bootcamp. And I have to say, I love the fitness challenge message… when you take it out of context!!!

It’s easy to love what you see when you are meeting societal ‘standards’ of beauty – when you are losing weight, gaining strength, getting toned or lean or training for some sort of fitness event; when you are dressed in the latest fashion or just got your hair and nails done. I’ll admit, I find myself enjoying the mirror, too, in those contexts. I was trained to love that standard by our silly society.

But have you been to a women’s locker room lately?

No two women fit that ideal standard. In fact, the most beautiful women I know don’t! (The dame goes for men!) But their smiles, body positivity, optimism and self love radiate through the room. Their joy lifts everyone.

It’s so much harder and so much more beautiful to love yourself when you break those beauty standards- when you accentuate your cellulite, let the dark circles under your eyes show through, wear your favorite shirt because it’s comfortable and that feels right for you. It’s so much harder to #faceyourself and #lovewhatyousee when you let your imperfections show.

My legs have cellulite, my stomach and arms have stretch marks, my eyes haven’t been a shade lighter than dark grey since starting dental school. I get my hair cut a month or two later than I should because I’m busy learning pediatric dentistry and caring for patients. I love ice cream and will choose that over a workout in a heartbeat. And I’m proud of that, because I am doing that FOR me. I have the body of a tired and busy and incredibly grateful doctor and a woman who has overcome SO much to get where she is today. Whatever my size, whether my body shakes when I walk or stays tight and toned, I have learned (and have to keep reminding myself) to look in the mirror and – no matter what reflect sback – love what I see. Because that body is holding the beautiful spirit that is me.

So face yourself! Find at least one thing you love about your reflection. And say aloud to yourself, ‘I love what I see.’

You are stronger than a benchpress.

I’m carrying the weight of a pager and a puppy and I’m feeling strong. And not because of the two days of toning I’ve done lately 😅

In fact, strength has nothing to do with those two days at the gym. Strength is not about how much muscle tone you have to your body or how much weight you can benchpress.

Rather, strength is internal.

– It is having a hard weekend and pushing forward.

– It is having multiple responsibilities and seeking balance with a smile.

– It is seeing an obstacle and moving forward, and it is using your past to find determination and joy in the present.

Strength is filling the present moment with the beauty of your smile.

And embracing with gratitude how miraculous it is that you are standing here in this moment with this pain free smile.

What is your strength in this moment?

As a dentist, I am furious at your eating disorder

A new article is out on Medium.

Answering all the questions about how an eating disorder can impact your oral health, and what role the dentist plays on the treatment team.

woman window

CLICK HERE to read more and be sure to share and like the post, comment with questions, and for patients with eating disorders, ask your team to include a dentist in their conversations about your health.

Success is really this simple

I’m a doctor – a dentist. And I’m an impromptu dancer. I’m a fan of being playful and silly and smiling just because. I’m a fan of living in the moment and letting go of the worry that clouds out creative energy.

I wasn’t always this way. It took nights of tears and stress in high school, studying for exams because I never was perfect enough. (FOR WHO?!?!?!)

It took realizing that all the energy I wasted worrying could have been used to take steps forward.

It took letting go of that need to be perfect and accepting that hard work and self improvement were enough. It took realizing I was enough.

It took making friends who let me dance in the middle of a crowded room just because. Even if they don’t always join in.

It took a lot of time and self growth to believe in the magic within myself. And it was worth it.

So how can you get to this joy?

Let’s start – all together – with a healthy smile in this very moment.

And GO! 😁